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We help firms plan their marketing communications programs. From competitive positioning, to branding and identity, to budgeting – we bring the planning process together to assure that marketing goals are met.

A project can be as concise as articulating key marketing messages – or as comprehensive as laying out a complete marketing communications roadmap with timeframes and projected costs.

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Market Positioning

Assessing how the firm stacks up against the available alternatives and competitors in relation to the customer needs defines the company's competitive advantage. This provides the company's positioning in the marketplace and forms the basis for developing the key marketing messages.


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Branding & Identity

Succinctly capture your key messaging and positioning in graphics and words. Consistently apply them in all communications to build credibility and gain mindshare.


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Features & Benefits

Features are the inherent characteristics of the product/service (i.e. the software is modular) while the benefits describe why the feature is of value to the user (i.e. its modularity allows the firm to acquire it over time thereby scaling its implementation and making it easier to pay for). These should be rated in importance to the user.


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Tactical Roadmap

A roadmap presents a summary of the recommended programs and marketing activities with suggested timelines. A marketing roadmap outlines how the firm should take its message to the market, addressing the integration of public relations, sales materials, trade shows, website, print advertising, email marketing, direct mail, etc. so there is one consistent voice and message in the market place. All activities are scheduled to leverage and build upon one another while conveying the most meaningful message to each target audience.


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Key Messages

It is from the features and benefits table and the marketing positioning strategy that the key messages are derived. Key messages convey the major product benefits to the important constituents. A table of key messages should be developed and their importance to relevant recipients determined and highlighted. The key messages are used to develop the marketing and sales tools that are needed to successfully bring the product/service to market.


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Marketing Budget

A budget with estimated costs for the media and production tasks recommended in the tactical roadmap should be developed and maintained.


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