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We are experienced in distilling and translating raw information into coherent, integrated, actionable strategic plans that can help you determine where to go and how best to get there.

We help clients evaluate a range of strategic issues including trends in their industry, current and emerging competition, customer needs, and sales strategies. A wealth of information can be gathered and analyzed through primary and/or secondary research.

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Industry Analysis

A thorough assessment of the industry in which the client firm currently competes or plans to enter. The primary competitors and their strategic positions in the industry are assessed.


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Situation Analysis

This includes an analysis of the overall environment in which the client's firm operates and the leading trends and their potential impact on the client. The client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges as they relate to the overall market are evaluated.


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Competitive Analysis

Firms need to know how they compare with their competitors in areas most relevant to their buyers. A competitive matrix is an effective means of illustrating the client's competitive advantages and value proposition.


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Target Market(s)

Markets can be segmented by a number of characteristics such as firm size, industries served, geographical location, services and product lines offered, sales methods, etc. The client must understand how the market is segmented and clearly identify the firm's target market within the appropriate segment(s). Pitching the right message to the wrong customers wastes time and money.


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Sales Strategy & Channels

An evaluation of the current sales organization and strategy - the sales process is dissected from lead generation to tracking to close. Channel strategies should also be evaluated.


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Customer Needs

Customer needs and attitudes concerning the product offering and the problem(s) it purports to solve must be clearly understood. This information might be gathered from a number of sources: through conversations with the company management and staff, through secondary research of the market, and/or through primary market research (marketing surveys, focus groups, buyer panels, etc.). Customer "care-abouts" should be defined and rated by relative importance.


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Primary Research

In many instances gathering and analyzing information collected directly from members of the target market is necessary to completely understand market dynamics. Research findings can dramatically affect strategic decision-making.


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Secondary Research

In some instances, using existing sources and research to better understand the marketplace is a more affordable and effective method of acquiring the information on which to base strategic decisions.


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