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HotWire Marketing Assists OPESNET Corporation

Clarify Target Market Needs


Atlanta – OPESNET Corporation, a provider of network infrastructure solutions for mid-market firms, turned to HotWire Marketing to assist them identify critical customer needs and enterprise buyer roles in the service purchase process. Through running a series of on-site meetings with OPESNET management and key staff members, HotWire was able to help the firm analyze how its IT infrastructure offerings addressed the needs of specific market segments and how the firm should position itself to fulfill specific segment needs.


Lisa LaRoque, OPESNET's Director of Marketing, turned to HotWire because of their experience in assisting technology firms assess marketing strategies. “It was apparent from the start that they had done what we needed several times before. They came in with a methodology and approach that gave us the framework and discipline we needed to determine and evaluate our options and make informed strategic decisions. Part of their value, aside from their experience in technology, was helping us understand what we knew – and what we needed to know in order to move forward with confidence in our choices.”


Principal and co-founder of HotWire Marketing, Margi Berbari, describes the process as more “method than magic.” “We've worked for dozens of technology firms. Invariably each organization contains a wealth of information about their markets, but without a methodology of extracting that information and a process of separating the wheat from the chaff its significance remains hidden. Our value is in imposing an organized, proven process and bringing perspectives borne out of years of working in the technology marketplace. Sometimes a simple exchange between team members can result in an “ ah ha ” moment.”


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